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The Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) plays an important role in keeping the knee joint stable, especially during activities involving weaving, pivoting, or kicking. When the ACL tears, the knee becomes unstable, and over time, the joint can become further damaged. ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure to restore stability to the knee joint.Dr Saikat Jena is Highly Qualfied and Best ACL surgeon in Thane.
What kind of doctor Performs ACL reconstruction?
If you have seriously injured your ACL, you may need the help of an orthopedic surgeon. Sometimes ACL injuries can be treated with physical therapy, stretching, and adequate rest. However, if the ACL is torn, it will not recover on its own. Surgery may be required to restore full function to the knee. We are Specialized in Joint Replacement orthopedic and Physiotherapy Clinic are with facilities like orthopedic session.If You are Looking for Near by areas in Thane.Dr Saikat Jena is one of the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Thane.

Which Sports are characterized by a high incidence of ACL injuries?
Sports that require a high dynamic load on the knee and are characterized by a high incidence of knee injuries include soccer, volleyball, Handball and basketball.
ACL injuries most often occur during dynamic activities, including

Turn (sudden change of direction).
During a false landing after a Jump

What Type of Surgery need?
Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is recommended when the ACL is torn and needs to be reattached. This is because arthroscopic procedures are far less invasive than open knee surgery, so recovery is much quicker. What’s more, the use of an Arthroscope allows us to see the knee clearly and make precise corrections, even if other knee ligaments are also torn.Dr Saikat Jena is Proved as one of Best ACL surgeon in Thane .
The First Symptoms of a serious ACL lesion include the sudden twisting of the knee and the sensation of instability. For example, if your knee feels like it bends under your weight when you try to walk on it, your ACL may be severely damaged. Other warning signs of serious ACL damage include

Swelling within Six Hours of the incident.
Pain or discomfort.
Decreased range of motion.
There are many variants of ACL reconstruction, all aimed at giving the patient the best possible knee function. The variability depends on the composition of the graft, the new ligament. In general, there are three main graft options: a patellar tendon autograft, a hamstring autograft and an allograft. An autograft comes from the patient’s own body, while an allograft comes from a donor.
ACL surgery is usually done through arthroscopic surgery. This means your doctor will put a lighted tube with a tiny camera—called an arthroscope, or scope—and surgical tools through small incisions in your knee. Sometimes surgery is done through a larger cut in the knee. This is called open surgery.Get the Best ACl Surgeon in Thane.

It is important to note that not all People who is injured need surgery for less sporty individuals, a course of specialist physiotherapy will enable them to return to their normal daily activities with minimal (or no) problems.

ACL Injury Treatment
Treatment of ACL Injuries
Today, thanks to advances in science and technology, ACL repair surgery for the treatment of ACL injuries in Thane is performed through a keyhole – Arthroscopic surgery. An orthopedic surgeon removes the torn ACL using an arthroscopic technique and replaces it with a tendon or graft. Grafts are taken from the hamstring tendon, patellar tendon, bone graft, Peroni graft or allograft.Activ ortho Physiotheraphy clinic is the leading Best Physiotherapist Clinic in Thane.The arthroscopist places the graft in the desired location and makes two holes called “tunnels”. One hole is made in the bone above the knee and the other in the bone below the knee. He then inserts a button into the upper knee bone tunnel and fixes the graft in place by placing screws under the tunnels. This acts as a kind of bridge on which the new ligament will grow as it heals. Click Here to Book Appointment now.

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