Joint Replacement Surgeon

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?
The point where two bones meet is called a Joint. Joint Replacement surgery is a procedure to relieve chronic joint pain and improve joint mobility when other non-surgical treatments fail.
Persistent joint pain and limited range of motion are indications to consider joint replacement surgery. It can help improve overall quality of life, and enable you to resume the activities you love, without pain.
Which of the various types of Arthroplasty available is right for the patient depends on the symptoms and the affected joint. If You notice any of these symptoms .Dr Saikat Jena is Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Thane.
The knee Joint can bend and straighten, and is called a hinge. The hip and shoulder joints have a “ball-and-socket joint” whose rounded end fits into the socket of another Bone, allowing rotational movement.
The presence of “articular cartilage” and a layer of synovial fluid enable Normal joints to move smoothly. Damage to this cartilage caused by disease, Trauma, age or fluid depletion makes joint stiff and painful. If You are suffering from knee Pain.Book Your Appointment with Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ghodbunder or call us at – 9967063812.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery
Surgery to Remove part or all of a damaged joint and replace it with artificial implants to improve mobility and relieve pain is called total joint replacement.
This type of surgery is usually required for an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface, typically in the knee, hip and shoulder. If You are Looking For the Treatment or Cost of knee Replacement Surgeon in Ghodbunder.
Most of the time, these operations are performed minimally invasively, using smaller incisions. Hospital stays are shorter, and recovery time is also shorter than for conventional Joint Replacement Procedures

Hip Replacement Surgery
Anterior Hip Replacement
A new way of implanting a hip prosthesis with a minimally invasive technique, anterior hip replacement spares muscles instead of dividing them, enabling faster recovery and fewer restrictions on post-operative activity.Severe Hip pain that is not cured by proper medications or under treatment .Visit Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ghodbunder.
Partial Hip Replacement
Partial Hip Arthroplasty is most commonly used in older patients with hip fractures, when the socket is healthy and only the femoral head (the ball) and not the acetabulum (the socket) is removed.

Knee Arthroplasty Surgery
The largest and most complex joint connecting the major limbs and supporting the body’s total weight, the knee is prone to multiple injuries and conditions. The part to be treated determines the option chosen for the operation.A person will need knee replacement if Your knee gives you pain ,stiffness,instability or loss of function that affects your daily life and activities.Consult Best Knee Pain Doctor in Ghodbunder Road.

Partial knee Arthroplasty
The knee joint is divided into three compartments: Lateral, Medial and Patellofemoral. Partial knee arthroplasty is generally recommended if one or two compartments are damaged. Damaged tissue is removed in partial knee arthroplasty and existing areas are resurfaced, by implanting artificial parts in the affected knee compartment.Dr Saikat Jena is the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Ghodbunder ,Thane.If You are looking For the treatment.

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