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What is Called Physiotheraphy?
A procedure called physical therapy improves your mobility, dexterity, and overall physical strength through a series of massages and exercises instead of drugs or surgery. Physical therapy also treats your illness or injury and helps you overcome your disability. If you are suffering from pain for no apparent reason, you can undergo Treatment with Best Physiotheraphist For knee Pain in Thane.Elderly people as well as young children can benefit from this treatment. Apart from treating discomfort, Physiotherapy also helps in preventing serious health problems.
Stretches and Pains can occur from time to time as our lifestyle takes its toll on our body. We either ignore them or take painkillers, but the thought of visiting a Physiotherapist never crosses our minds because the most common misconception among us is that physiotherapy is only for treating serious injuries. But it isn’t. Never let a minor injury turn into a serious one due to negligence or misinformation. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to. Get Best Physiotheraphist For knee Pain in Thane in they are well-trained therapists who will help you overcome your pain.

Sport Physiotherapy – can help you recover from sports injuries
manage age-related problems or acute pain caused by arthritis or bone replacement surgery
help resolve women’s health problems after childbirth, urinary incontinence, fibromyalgia, breast cancer and similar conditions.
We offer world-class Physiotherapy Treatment in Thane to help you regain flexibility in your joints and muscles. Whatever type of pain you’re suffering from, our certified physiotherapists will work with you to find the Treatment of Physiotheraphy.
Exercise Theraphy
Among other treatments, your physiotherapist can create a specific exercise prescription for you. This will be a custom plan that is designed with a designated outcome to help you reach your goals, whether it be recovery, strength-building, or preventive.our Phsyiotherapist will offer the Best Physiotheraphist For knee pain in Thane.So get in Touch with us immediately.
Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a physical type of treatment in which the symptoms of musculoskeletal discomfort are taken care of by the Chiropractor or osteopathic physician.
Hot & Cold Therapies
When you have aching pain in your Joint and Muscles, relief often comes in the form of hot and cold treatments. Different types of hot and cold treatments can involve:
Heat from a Hot water bottle or heating pad.
Cold water in a water bottle or frozen gel packs.
Being partially submerged in hot or cold water in a bath.
These therapies will have different outcomes based on what they are being used for. Cold therapies are often used to reduce inflammation and slow down blood flow. These methods may reduce swelling or tissue damage.Dr Saikat Jena is a very Patient Centric and Friendly Best Physiotheraphist For knee Pain in Thane.He has Done his Expertise in Joint and Sport Injuries.
Heat Therapy is more commonly used for sore or tight muscles. Heat will increase blood flow and dilate the blood vessels. This can encourage more circulation and help the area to be treated faster.

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